Platinum vs gold metal- Weighing the ideal choice for your engagement ring

Platinum and gold have been the obvious choices when it comes to making the wedding rings or engagement rings. Apart from being unique, these two metals are quite similar in a few more dimensions as well. So let’s make a comparison in terms of cost, appearance, comfort, and durability and see which one will be the perfect pick for you.


Appearance: The colour is the main distinguishing factors between platinum and gold. Platinum looks naturally white, whereas gold is yellowish in colour. If you’re looking for a white ring then you can opt for the white gold or platinum.


The rings of white gold will be composed of alloys, rhodium and gold plating which will make it virtually identical with platinum. The downside of opting for white gold is with the time this plating will get wear off and you will be flaunting the yellowish tinge which is kind of awkward. So if you want to flaunt the white engagement rings with silky shine for eternity, then you should definitely pick the platinum one.


Cost: The price of platinum and gold is quite similar when it comes to price per gram, but the material of platinum is denser so you will be needing more of it when it comes to making the ring. In the making of platinum rings 95% of it will be having pure platinum and in gold 75% of it will be having gold so this makes the platinum ring pricier.


Durability: In terms of durability and strength platinum and gold are equally good, but platinum is more durable. So the prongs which will be holding the centerpiece of the platinum will have lesser chances of breaking when compared to gold rings. Platinum is strong, but the metal is very soft.


Comfort: Platinum is denser when compared to gold and hence it is heavier. Someone who wants to wear something that is lighter and compares the comforts with the lightness of the material then they should go for the gold otherwise they can definitely pick the platinum ones.


So it completely depends on the choice of individual people. The best part of platinum is it is hypoallergenic in nature which ensures that you won’t be facing any allergy issues when you will be wearing it whereas white gold does not create issues related to allergies for maximum people but some people may develop the allergic reaction if the gold ring is made with nickel alloy.


There are many people who are looking for some alternatives to platinum and gold and they should definitely opt for the Palladium. It is cost-effective, whitish in colour,  hypoallergenic and comes with more benefits.


When it comes to picking the material for the ring the lifestyle of the individual should be considered as well. People with rough lifestyle should always opt for a material which will not fade or the colour will not wear away frequently because repolishing can be also expensive for some material.