5 Common questions people have about gumboots

Gumboots is a type of shoe that you probably have heard of a million times in your daily life but you do not know why it is called so. The gumboot dance is basically a dance of South Africa which is performed by trained dancers wearing wellington boots. These boots are generally embellished with help of bells so that the bels ring creating a melody as the dancer’s stamp on the floor. These Wellington boots are basically used as contemporary waterproof boots which are either made out of PVC which is Polyvinyl Chloride or Rubber. These are generally worn by people when they have to walk on any kind of wet surface.


Here we have listed down all the common questions which people generally ask about gumboots on a day to day life.


Which industry are gumboots generally used for?


Gumboots can be used for basically four types of industries. The first is the mining industry. Miners generally wear these boots on a daily basis when they come to work because it helps to add protection. People from the food processing industry also wear gumboots so that they can maintain hygiene. These boots are also used by people from the agricultural industry to avoid contact with toxic substances.


How is PU different from PVC?


PVC gumboots are much cheaper and worth its money. These boots are known to provide reliable protection against a lot of substances. The resistance of PVC is much more than PU which makes it a better choice to use in industrial work. PU gumboots have recently become very popular because they are very light in weight and have a scope of breathability and hygiene.


What is the lasting period of a PVC gumboot?


The lasting period of the gumboot totally depends on the use on a daily basis. If you are using these gumboots about 12 hours per day, then it will generally last out three months. Gumboots last longer if they are properly taken care of and kept away from any concentrated chemicals.


How can you select the right Gumboot for the job?


It is very important that you know why you are buying the gumboot. If you are getting the gumboot for mining, then it is recommended that you go buy the hard boots whereas if you are getting them for hygiene purposes then make sure to get the flexible ones which are breathable.


Can we wear gumboots in the snow?


This question does not have a straight answer. If you want to wear gumboots in the snow, then you can. It will help you stay clean and dry in the snow, but this is not the perfect shoe for you if you are thinking of covering a long distance in the snow.


Here we have answered all the common questions people ask about gumboots. This will intern help you to understand what type of gumboot you should invest your money on depending on its purpose and the industry it will be used in.