Know About Single Panel Garage Doors


People who own cars and vehicles know the importance of having garages. These sheds house not just the automobiles but are also a place to keep various tools and equipment in a convenient place which can be easily accessible and yet out of the main house. Garage doors are a versatile creation, but not something which is generally talked about. But a lot of thought goes into making these than is generally acknowledged. Let’s talk about that:

As generally seen, garage doors are basically large doors that can be operated either manually or with the help of an electric motor which is named as a garage door opener.

How are they built?

Small garage doors can be built in a single panel which tilts up first and then slides back across the ceiling. But, on the contrary, large garage doors are made up of several jointed panels which roll back up on the tracks across the ceiling or above the doorway by going into a roll. But places like locomotive sheds, warehouses, and bus garages have a lot larger versions of the garage doors.

What is the mechanism used?

The mechanism used to make the garage doors are counterbalanced or spring loaded so as to balance the weight of the door as well as to reduce the motor or human effort necessary to operate the door. But some garage door does swing or slide horizontally.

What are these doors made up of?

Garage doors can be made up of metal, wood or fiberglass. Moreover, they also can be insulated so as to prevent possible heat loss.

Let’s go into some more details regarding the first type of doors, talked about in here- Single Panel

Constructed from just one monolithic panel, this allows the single panel door to swing up into an open position by going overhead using a hinge on both of its sides which is known as a jamb type of hardware.

What are its disadvantages?

There is a disadvantage to using this monolithic panel, as the swinging up an arc that the garage door makes, takes place partially outside the garage. This means that the vehicle will have to keep a distance of some feet from the door as to avoid being damaged by the opening the garage door.

Is there a solution?

These panel doors can be installed using one-piece track type of hardware which folds up the door using a mounted single horizontal track on both sides and with a roller which is attached on the top of the wooden frame. There is a hinge on each side which is attached to the bottom part of each side of the garage door. This allows any vehicle to be parked closer to the door since, while opening, the whole door rests on the inside of the garage door header. This is because there is a much lesser arc when lowering or raising the garage door, in contrast to the jamb type of hardware.

Garage doors should be installed according to the needs of the family or person in question so that the mechanism used suits their lifestyle.