Google Adwords – A Simple Guide

Google AdWords is one of the most complex topics in the world of online Advertisements. I’ve had an experience of dealing with it for over seven years and in this article, I explain the concept and important points to effectively use it for best push to your business. 


Have Clear Objectives


Google AdWords can be used to achieve various results including leads, phone calls, online sales or signups etc. Do you want to achieve a particular cost per conversion?


You need to first identify what you’re looking for in order for your campaign to deliver. 


No Shortcut to Research


The following three types of researches must be undertaken before starting a new campaign :- 


  1. Keyword Research. With the help of keyword tools, you can find the most used keywords that people type on search engines to find a service/product that you’re offering. This is the most important part of your Ad campaign and must be done diligently. 


  1. Competition Research. Research the top ranking companies that offer the same product/service similar to yours. Check out their keywords (using iSpionage and similar spy tools). Visit the websites of these companies, signup for their newsletters and buy their products. 


  1. Audience Research. Find out sites where clients buy and review services/products similar to yours. Note their likes/dislikes about your competitors. Check out what changes people are looking for in these services. You’ll understand the emotions of your potential clients, which you can use to create a unique Ad copy for your product. 


The Importance of Landing Page


A compelling offer on your landing page can compensate for almost all other inadequacies in your Ad campaign. You must aim to offer something that the people are looking for and which is not being offered by your competitors. 


Use Focused Keywords


At the start of your AdWords campaign, keep a small and focused list of keywords (not more than 10). Include only those keywords that your potential clients are most likely to use while searching. Choose “Exact Match” as the setting in your campaign to avoid clutter. 


Many professional Google Adwords NZ managers in New Zealand preach a simple mantra: “Continuously update the keywords list to keep only those keywords that are giving conversions.” For instance, if “plumber auckland” has given results, add similar “Exact Match” keywords by adding zip codes or other nearby locations to “plumber”. Use creativity and come up with some additional keywords. 


Make Ad Groups


The keywords are basically thoughts from your potential client’s mind. If the chain of thought gets broken for some reason, your chances of conversion are reduced. 


You must therefore make Ad Groups by grouping together related keywords. Keywords like “best offer”, “only valid for”, “buy” etc indicate that the client is at the final stage of making the purchase. So, these keywords should lead him/her to the landing page that focuses on sealing the deal. 


Whereas, keywords like “where to find”, “reviews”, “how to” etc are representative of customers who’re still looking for information. So, these people should get diverted on a landing page that gives answers to their queries. 


Make Segments


The clientele on different devices and from different parts of the world have different keyword responses and should be accordingly dealt with. You can’t impress everyone with the same campaign. Have an Ad campaign that concentrates on the keywords and offers that’ll give you the maximum conversion depending upon your segment. 


Make a Unique Ad Copy


A good Ad copy should have the following characteristics :


  1. Have pertinent keywords with proper focus. 
  2. Uniqueness from competition. 
  3. Project the offer appropriately. 


Regular pruning and corrections of Ads is critical. You must keep a check on the effectiveness of each Ad by monitoring the CTRs and Quality Scores. Generally, 30 clicks are good enough to gauge the performance of an Ad. 


Conversion Tracking


One of the most important, yet highly neglected steps is the conversion tracking of your campaign. AdWords Conversion Tracking offers you all the tools required to effectively track conversions. Based on the results, make necessary corrections to your campaign to get best results. Ask any experienced Google Adwords NZ agency like Bluelight, and they will tell you that Conversion Tracking is a very important step you can’t miss if you want your Google Ads to be successful.

Data Mining


AdWords offers you very useful data that you can’t get from any other source. Carry out effective SEO by Mining the keywords. Test different offers and messages in your Ads and use the most effective ones on your landing pages and other media. 


Although there’s much more in the AdWords, you’ll surely get great results, if you just inculcate the above points in your Ad campaign strategy. The finer technical details can be easily learnt or even delegated to a professional and experienced Google Adwords NZ agency.