Planning to get acrylic nails? Here’s what you need to know!

Well decorated and stylish nails are a craze among most modern women and what makes things much easier and better are acrylic nails. Believe it or not, they are quite easy to put on, show off and of course, you will be spoilt for the choice of colors and designs. But that is not all that you should be aware of. Even before you get your nails all perky, here are a few things to consider:

It can be uncomfortable – If you are a newbie, this is just for you. Since this would be the very first time that you put up acrylic nails, which are actually false nails, you may feel a bit uncomfortable with them on. The additional, false nails may feel a bit of a burden on the tip of your fingers and you may feel like getting rid of them. But do not panic. The feeling will soon go away and you will start feeling at ease. Also, if you feel that the nails are a bit too tight, you may want to loosen them up a bit.

It can cost you much more than you think – Most often, newbies do not think of the additional costs involved in the procedure. Getting your acrylic nails done isn’t everything. You will need to get them refilled at regular intervals of 2-3 weeks and that requires additional expenses. Be prepared to shell out somewhere in the range of $100- $200 for refills every month. The expenses can increase according to the type of salon that you visit.

It requires maintenance – Once you have your acrylic nails, you need to maintain them too or they may break off or get damaged. You have to keep them dry, avoid using your nails too much and shape them well so that they look nice. It is important to remember that if your hands and fingers aren’t thoroughly dried, water/moisture may get deposited at the nail beds and cause harm to your actual nails. Also, since you have the false nails on, your original nails will need much more care or they may get damaged.

It can cause difficult situations – Since your nails are quite long, you may face troubles that no one with natural nails will even think of. Using your fingers to eat, to put on your contact lenses or to type will become a real difficult job and you may hurt yourself with your long nails. Not only that, you will have to be extra cautious when you shake hands, hug people or hold them, because your nails can hurt them.

It isn’t permanent – Though acrylic nails are super cool, it isn’t necessary that you have them all the year round. Ideally, you could put them up on special occasions, and get them removed once the event is over. This way, you would save extra expenses and also allow your original nails to remain healthy. So, do not make them an obsession that you cannot live without. They are good for occasional use.


Motorsport: Higham the latest to switch to drifting

Matt Higham stands in front of his Nissan Silvia S15 after breaking into the top-16. Photo / SuppliedMatt Higham stands in front of his Nissan Silvia S15 after breaking into the top-16. Photo / Supplied

Matt Higham is the latest racer to make the switch from circuit racing to the sideways theatre of the Demon Energy D1NZ National Drifting Championship.

This year the Auckland drifter is taking on a full campaign in the D1NZ Pro-Sport Series. The class serves as the feeder category to the Pro Series, which is the pinnacle of New Zealand drifting competition.

“It’s always good to try different styles and get a bit of versatility in your driving-it’s been a fun transition,” Higham said.

“It’s a good friendly environment with good competition where the drivers help each other out. D1NZ is a much more low-key and enjoyable place with a lot less pressure.”

Like many aspiring circuit racers Higham began his racing career in karting. He followed the beaten track to Formula First and then into Formula Ford before making a few fleeting appearances in the now defunct V8 Challenge Cup.

Higham said he became disillusioned in circuit racing, but his passion for Japanese drifting culture pushed him to carry on his motor racing ambition.

“I’ve always had a passion for Silvia’s, which spurred on my interest in drifting and the Japanese sort of style.

“I was slowly beginning to lose interest in circuit racing, but I was also doing a bit of crewing for D1 at the time-it all sort of grew from there.”

The likes of Supercars Championship winner Shane van Gisbergen and former Castrol Toyota Racing Series competitor, now D1NZ veteran, Daynom Templeman have shown circuit racers can perform highly and even win in the competitive series’.

However, Higham said the sport needs a shift in perception so circuit racers and fans alike understand what drifting in New Zealand is about.

“When you look at how well Shane van Gisbergen has done it’s credible and it’s a good reference to know that he’s done it. It’s disappointing in my eyes that it is regarded as an ‘other’ sport. There’s a lot of skill involved and it did open my eyes coming across.

“The car preparation and quality of the fabrication and just the general workmanship on them is pushed to the side and regarded as second rate. But there are some incredible cars parked up and some equally incredible driving.

“Hopefully it starts to stand out a bit more and be recognised amongst the circuit racing guys.”

Higham believed Pro-Sport is the perfect proving ground for racers from any motor racing code. With the development series often oversubscribed, he said it can only help to serve the Pro Series as more drifters develop their race craft.

“If you want to test yourself amongst a really good field then 40 guys in Pro-Sport is a pretty good field to compare your skills. It can only do good things for Pro in a few years’ time with new guys from Pro-Sport feeding through eventually.

“I’ve got a lot to learn and a lot of knowledge to gain in Pro-Sport. I’d like to start doing better in the next year or two and then from there we’ll see where we are and start looking for sponsorship to see if we put a plan together.”

NZ Herald

Armstrong with one hand on the D1NZ title

Cole Armstrong has one hand on the 2016-’17 Demon Energy D1NZ National Drifting Championship after winning the penultimate round of the Pro Series at Hampton Downs Motorsport Park.

Armstrong’s victory in his V Energy backed Nissan Skyline 250GT at Hampton Downs was the first on the freshly minted GT Radial Club Circuit, as the series made the move away from the two corner National Circuit.

“It’s cool man we’ve all been driving for years, I was stoked to have that final battle with Bruce,” Armstrong said.

“We’ve been in it since day one together and you know you’re going to have a good battle with him, really tight, really fast and really aggressive.”

Darren Kelly and Daynom Templeman were early exits. Kelly suffered an axle failure whilst pole sitter Templeman was knocked out in the top-24 battles after hitting Joel Counter.

D1NZ round two winner Dave Steedman was another early casualty in the top-24. After ‘Fanga’ Dan Woolhouse’ dropped a wheel off – taking out the sector ending flag – the pair went to a One-More-Time, but Woolhouse clawed the margin back to progress through.

Ben Wilkinson was a standout performer across the weekend. He charged hard on the rear of top-10 qualifier Nico Reid in their top-16 battle. Wilkinson had qualified lowin 23rd but wasn’t perturbed by the challenge as he looked strong against the former round winner.

The judges spent nearly 10 minutes deliberating their decision, but subsequently ruled a One-More-Time as both Wilkinson and Reid dropped a wheel off in their second pass.

Wilkinson again chased hard against Reid who tried his hardest to put up a smoke screen in his second run. Reid took his five-minute time out as water poured from his Nissan Silvia S15. Wilkinson was given a lifeline as Reid suffered a mechanical failure exiting turn two.

Armstrong cruised into the top-eight after winning his top-16 battle with Jaron Olivecrona. Manfeild based drifter Olivecrona struggled to keep pace with Armstrong and dropped a wheel off at turn two, which handed Armstrong the win.

Sporting a new Link ECU liveried Nissan Silvia S13, Stuart Baker pushed hard to beat round two winner Tom Marshall in their top-16 battle. Unfortunately, Baker’s straight line was compounded as he speared off at the final turn, ending his hopes of a round win.

Shane Allen put on one of the best chase runs against Bruce Tannock in his top-16 battle, but it all came undone as he dropped a wheel off at the final corner. Tannock was given the run through to the top-eight where he ended Joel Counter’s hot run of form.

Davies faced Woolhouse in the first of the top-eight battles with ‘Fanga’ on the chase. Woolhouse ran shallow in his chase, which Davies countered with a strong second run-Davies advanced to the top-four.

The second top-eight battle saw Armstrong face round three winner Tom Marshall. Tauranga local Armstrong leapt out ahead of Marshall in their first run and passed through to the top-four.

As the runs continued, Redward pulled a 10-car length lead on Wilkinson through the opening two turns, but dropped a wheel off as he exited the final turn. Wilkinson also faltered with a straight line exiting the final turn.

Redward hustled the back of Wilkinson’s Silvia S15 on the second run, which earned him the run through to the top-four-Wilkinson’s stellar run coming to an end.

Davies hopes of a win took a hit when he dropped a wheel off at the entry to turn one, which handed the advantage to rival Tannock. Davies threw his chances out the window in his chase run on Tannock as he speared off at the final corner.

In the final battle before the semi-final, Cole Armstrong faced off against Andrew Redward. The veterans ran side-by-side into turn one, but Redward stretched his legs over Armstrong as they exited turn one.

Redward was glued to Armstrong’s bumper through the second run heading into turn one, but lost momentum through turn two and three to give Armstrong the final battles entry.

In the battle for third Davies was handed the final podium place after Redward suffered an engine failure.

Cole Armstrong celebrates with trophy in hand after winning at Hampton Downs Motorsport Park. Photo / Simon ChapmanCole Armstrong celebrates with trophy in hand after winning at Hampton Downs Motorsport Park. Photo / Simon ChapmanThe final battle against Tannock and Armstrong saw two old foes face off. Armstrong led first and was immediately able to gap Tannock. With the advantage towards Armstrong, the Tauranga local didn’t hold back in his chase, which saw Tannock go too deep into turn one.

With Tannock well wide of the apex, Armstrong flew past and screamed across the finish line to take his second win of the season.

The Demon Energy D1NZ National Drifting Championship heads to South Auckland’s Pukekohe Park over April 22-23

NZ Herald

How long have you owned your silvia?

I’m currently at 3256 days – (8 + years) and I still love spending money on the old girl!! :lol:

I know of a couple of others who still have theirs from Mega Meets before 2007 so I am sure there are plenty of other long time owners

6 years. Driven it 3 times, spent countless $ and haven’t shown you guys yet!
Owned mine for five years And it now has an engine In it bought off you Nismodrift!. Only driven it for one good fang in the last three years although :lol:

As she sits recently

Owned my old S14 from mid 2007 till October 2012, then had to sell it ’cause I had a little one on the way (and was only allowed one Silvia).
Had mine for just over 11 years.
Drove it for about the first 2.
One day I plan to be able to drive it again.
Pic as she stands today. I want to do heaps more track days especially with the new coilovers, but I will get a cert first so I can still enjoy her on the road :) I know DIEWRX and Swellacott must have had theres a similar length of time to you Tarrbaby. I can’t say my ownership has been bliss the entire time but I’m certainly enjoying her these days :mrgreen:

High quality welding and fabrication

High quality welding and fabrication

Postby  » Mon Mar 07, 2016 11:59 pm

hey guys. i just wanted to make you aware of what i have been up to. i havn’t really been active on here for a long time, cars, work and family are the main reason. i have how ever become a pretty good welder and am trying to drum up some work. i am based in Lynfield, Auckland. if there is anything your wanting built please consider me. this may sound harsh but its for Your good. I don’t do “cheap” by this i mean, i build parts on the DO IT ONCE DO IT RIGHT principle. most of my gear is RB. but if you SR boys step up, i can supply you with world class gear.
some nice looking stuff there. will keep in mind when my HKS manifold bites the dust again. Looking at the foot rest with the dimples in it, what would it cost to make a couple of floor mats/rests with dimples in them?

Welcome to the new home of SilviaNZ! 2014 :)

Welcome to the new home of SilviaNZ! 2014 🙂

Postby OSiRiS » Sat Dec 14, 2013 9:33 pm

Hey all,

It’s me again, long time lurker, short time poster…

You would have noticed that the forums were down recently, however I’m glad to announce it’s all been fixed now.

The key thing is that the entire database has been retained since 2nd July 2007 -just log in using your existing username and password. All posts and threads are still here, and are here to stay 8)

If you have come across any bugs, issues or problems please drop a message on this thread :)


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Re: Welcome to the new home of SilviaNZ! 2014 🙂

PostIf you’re having issues logging in with your previously registered account, please use the reset password function :)

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Re: Welcome to the new home of SilviaNZ! 2014 🙂

Postby spiderwebfx » Sat Dec 14, 2013 10:48 pm

Wicked stuff. Thanks heaps Osiris.
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Re: Welcome to the new home of SilviaNZ! 2014 🙂

Postby Itzthaazn » Sat Dec 14, 2013 10:53 pm

the avatar icons arn’t working for me ha
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Re: Welcome to the new home of SilviaNZ! 2014 🙂

Postby DIEWRX » Sun Dec 15, 2013 11:48 am

Lots of bots all of a sudden.
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Re: Welcome to the new home of SilviaNZ! 2014 🙂

Postby spiderwebfx » Sun Dec 15, 2013 4:09 pm

I disabled registrations again last night. I didn’t get a chance to go through the new bots that registered as I was trying to do it off my phone. I’ll look into that later today.

All avatar images have been deleted due to sheer number of unused ones there were. You will need to reupload/relink your avatars for them to work again.

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NZ’s most powerful Silvias


1. 113.6kw — SoulFate — S14.5 — Dyno’d @ Lodge Auto Centre Hastings

2. 104 kw — PeteMun — S14 — Dyno’d @ Torque Performance

3. 99.7kw — BSLYDN — S14 — Dyno’d @ Torque Performance LTD

4. 99.6kw — freeryda — S14 — Dyno’d @ Torque Performance Avondale

5. 93.5kw —sscotty — S15 — Dyno’d @ Shred Industries



1. 413kw — maca-s13 — s13 — Christchurch — Dyno’d @ NZEFI

2. 393kw — PKT RKT — S14a — Auckland — Dyno’d @ ST Hitec

3. 369kw — Brads12 — S15 (SR23) — Christchurch — Dyno’d at NZEFI

4. 341.0kw— Serion/Zenki — S14 (SR22) — Dyno’d @ ST-hitec

5. 338kw — TarrBaby — S14 — Tauranga — Dyno’d @ ST-hitec

6. 330.2kw — DORIFT — S14a (SR22) — Dyno’d @ ST-hitec

7. 320.0kw — mr hand shakie man — S13 — Christchurch — Dynod @ NZEFI

8. 287.9kw — 220kw-s14 — S14 — Auckland — E and H motors

9. 281.8kw — Soichi — S15 — Auckland — Dyno’d @ STHitec

10. 280.4kw — whips — S13 — Auckland — Dyno’d @ E & H motors

11. 279.7kw — DRFTIN — S14 — Christchurch — Dyno’d @ NZEFI

12. 274kw — Dori — S15 — Christchurch — Dyno’d @ RE Sinclair

13. 273.7kw — funy1984(Lee) — 1580sx — Christchurch — Dyno’d @ NZEFI

14. 273.4kw — D180SX — s14 — Auckland — Dyno’d @ ST Hitec dyno

15. 271.5kw — Jan — S14a — Auckland — Dyno’d @ ST Hitec

16. 265kw — D1URAS — S14a — Dyno’d @ Speedsource

17. 266.2kw — Chevelle — S14a — Hamilton — Dyno’d @ Te Rapa Automotive Repairs

18. 262.3kw — GTRPWR — S14 — Kapiti Coast —Dyno’d @ Speedworks

19. 261.9kw — s14 — S14 — Dyno’d @ ST-hitec

20. 258.6kw — Picket — S13.4 — Taupo — Dyno’d @ ST Hitec

21. 257.8kw — Chefs14 — S14a — Christchurch — Dyno’d @ RE Sinclair]

22. 256kw — BigPhil — S15 — Auckland — Dyno’d @ ST-hitec

23. 255kw — Strung Out — 180sx — West Auckland — Dyno’d @ Speedsource

24. 238.7kw — Lowrider — 180sx — Dyno’d @ NZEFI

25. 232.1kw — matts14 — s14 — Whangarei — Dyno’d @ ST Hitec

26. 231kw — JDMtypex — 180sx — Auckland — Dyno’d @ ST Hitec

27. 218.9kw — p dub — S14a — Auckland — Dyno’d @ E & H Motors

28. 213kw —FEVAH — S14 — Paraparaumu — Dyno’d @………

29. 211kw — Driftit — 180sx — Auckland — Dyno’d @ STHitec

30. 210kw — smashed88 — S14 — Whangarei — Dyno’d @ Speedsource

31. 201.1kw — cantona1126 — 180sx — Auckland — Dyno’s @ ST Hitec

32. 181.1kw — Ron k — S14a — North Shore — Dyno’d @………

33. — Mr_sparkle — S14 — Dyno’d @………



1. 263.6kw — Buchanan — s15 (+t) — Auckland — Dyno’d @ Sunrise Auto Performance

2. 223.0kw — brads12 — S15 (+t) — Christchurch — Dyno’d @ NZEFI

3. 221.6kw — J3HV7S — S15 (+t) — Auckland — Dyno’d @ ST-hitec

4. 218.6kw — Abnrml — S14a (+t) — Auckland — Dyno’d @ ST-hitec

5. 218.3kw — edwagon — S14 (+t) — Auckland — Dyno’d @ Hi Velocity

6. 214.6kw — daffron — s15 (+t) — Auckland — Dyno’d @ NZEFI

7. 207kw — james–03 — s13 (+t) — Auckland — Dyno’d @ Sunrise Auto Performance

8. 203.7kw — dimaat — S14 (+t) — Christchurch — Dyno’d @ NZEFI

9. 187.9kw — NZ_Andy — S14 (+r) — Tauranga — Dyno’d @ Dynopower

10. 155Kw — forever_sideways — S14 (+r) — Auckland — Dyno’d @ Speedsource – Warkworth



1. 79kw — stevie-wunda — S13 — Wellington — Dyno’d @ Chequered Flag

2. 63.8kw — Nova — S13 — Auckland — Dyno’d @ STHitec



1. 272.40kw — Scythe — S13 — Dyno’d @ R E Sinclair

2. 258.9kw — S13 — Auckland / Hamilton — Dyno’d @ Tricky Tune

3. 238.5kw — RS13 — Auckland — Dyno’d @ Torque Performance Avondale

4. 214.3kw — Spanrz_s13[/url] — S13 — Christchurch — Dyno’d @ NZEFI

5. 213kw —ke2nv — RS13 — Dunedin — Dyno’d @ Torque Performance

6. 190.8kw — tortis — s13 — Auckland — Dyno’d @ Hi Velocity (By X-tune)

7. 187.9kw — ravnus — s13 — Auckland — Dyno’d @ Torque Performance Avondale

8. 181.8kw — Stretch — 180sx — Tauranga — Dyno’d @STHitec

9. 145kw — mrs.sldwys — rs13 — Kapiti — Dyno’d @ Chequered Flag


Silvia’s with ‘other’ engines

1. 550.4kw — GDZ1LA — S15 — (RB31DET) — Christchurch— Dyno’d @ NZ EFI

2. 408kw — GDZ1LA — S14 — (RB30DET) — Christchurch — Dyno’d @ NZ EFI

3. 351kw — Robert — RS13 — (RB26DET) — Dyno’d @ NZEFI

4. 348kw — GTR-Ben — S13 — (RB30DET) — Dyno’d @ NZEFI

5. 340kw — Sparx — S13 — (RB25DE+T) — Dunedin — Dyno’d @ A.P.E.T

6. 336.5kw — 4CD02 — S13 — (RB25DET) — Dyno’d @ E&H Motors

7. 311.6kw — S15Silvia — S15 —(RB26DETT) — Christchurch — Dyno’d @ NZEFI

8. 287.09kw — GDZ1LA — S13 — (RB26DETT) — Christchurch — Dyno’d @ NZ EFI

9. 256.5kw — .sLiDeSpEc. — S13 — (RB25DET) — North Shore — Dyno’d @ STHitec

10. 240.2kw — iSLIPT — S13 — (RB25DET) — Wellington — Dyno’d @ Shred Industries [/color]

11. 240kw — QIKS13 — S13 — (RB20DET) — Tauranga — Dyno’d @ Dynopower Tauranga

12. 233kw — XDUP13 — s13 — (1JZGTE) — Christchurch — NZEFI

12. 191.3kw — foreversideways — S13 — (RB25DET) — Christchurch — Dyno’d @ NZ EFI


Dyno sheets/proof compulsary! :) Any other suggestions???!! Also let me know if you notice any fµck ups!! Cheers

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Postby iOnic » Mon Oct 22, 2007 12:20 pm

do they still have to retain the sr20/ca18 motor?
if not, most of them will be rb30 or 26 powered. few powerful ones i can think of –> simon dudding, sean falconer, wrath, dorift, zenki, blue twin turbo v8 s13 etc…
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Postby sscotty » Mon Oct 22, 2007 12:40 pm

If people are interested(??) ill set up a table of 1st 2nd 3rd for the sil’s with the standard engine still in and then one for one’s with other engines..
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Postby GTRPWR » Mon Oct 22, 2007 8:38 pm

Sounds good.
I reckon we need a topic for lap times, 1/4 mile ET’s etc as well.Something to think about anyway. :)

GTR- 450+kw,10.88@ 132mph

S14-262.3rwkw,12.20 @ 114mph

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Postby ARGHRR » Mon Oct 22, 2007 8:59 pm

dont forget the area 51 sileighty. or is that completly dead?
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Postby iOnic » Mon Oct 22, 2007 9:00 pm

it’s dead but due for resurrection soon. 340kw atw from memory.
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Postby Mattface » Mon Oct 22, 2007 9:15 pm

ARGHRR wrote:dont forget the area 51 sileighty. or is that completly dead?

ionic said that up the top..

i think hes putting a 30 block on it isnt he?

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Postby iOnic » Mon Oct 22, 2007 9:16 pm

nah he’s got a 26 block for it. just a matter of checking that the head is sweet and mating the two
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Postby $_VipY33_$ » Tue Oct 23, 2007 7:52 am

im going for over 350kw ATW with a ca18det
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Postby Cyclone21 » Tue Oct 23, 2007 8:19 am

Hey SLDWYS I think your car has to actually go ;) :lol:
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Postby $_VipY33_$ » Tue Oct 23, 2007 8:22 am

lol it will…. Just finally found some lightweight tomei solid lifters + tomei shims….. Engine can finally be re-assembled :)
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Postby 2hundy » Tue Oct 23, 2007 9:03 am

What a brilliant idea for a thread.
Im keen as to see who stakes the claim on NZs most powerful Sil.
Id say Dorift has to be up there, but then there are also some really powerful RBs in them around the place.
Come on guys post up your dynosheets please…Hey SScotty does having an SR in something else count as well (ie Rods Datto) or are we judging this solely on powerplants fitted in Silvias only?

“The 115Km/h limit, which remains to this day, came about after Britain’s red-top tabloids carried a story about AC’s Le Mans team being caught testing a 427 Cobra Coupe on the M1 motorway at more than 300kmh.”
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Postby drift18 » Tue Oct 23, 2007 9:12 am

SLDWYS wrote:lol it will…. Just finally found some lightweight tomei solid lifters + tomei shims….. Engine can finally be re-assembled :)

MEAN MEAN MEAN!!!! :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

Great idea for a thread
an idea tho: What about a general one and a seperate one with snz members vehicles only…

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Postby $_VipY33_$ » Tue Oct 23, 2007 9:20 am

yeah i thought Silvias with Silva engines would be the best.
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  • The products you store will be well protected.
  • Labour cost gets reduced significantly.

Depending on the need, you will have to choose the pallet racking Auckland system. Once you have decided which one you need to choose, you can start thinking about the next step. You need to get some info about the tracks and also details on how you can fit them and how you can get them to work. This is very much important from the user perspective. Buying a particular rack for your store won’t help you out at all.

Rental property under threat due to meth: what to do?


Meth has been a problem for a long time now and for the last few years, the suburbs have become the home of the new Meth labs. Due to the safe and gentle environment, people are illegally producing meth in the rental properties. It is the time that you need to take care of your rented property faces the same fate as the others.

The After Effect of meth lab

Till date, there hasn’t been any kind of solid documentation about the effects of meth labs. But still, according to the experts, you need to take precautions and clean your property in the best way possible to make sure there is no further contamination what so ever. But before that, you might want to go for a meth testing first, to understand whether there was a meth lab or not.

Cleaning Up the Meth lab

As per the experts, there is no regulation to clean the meth lab as of yet. Although there are few guidelines and instructions that you can follow to make sure that there is no issue of meth left in your property:

Throughout the process of the cleaning, make sure that the air ventilation is proper for the house. This is a very important part of meth testing and cleaning.

Make sure to wear proper clothes while you are cleaning. Use long sleeves dresses, gloves and goggles to make sure you are well protected.

Any item you find which is not really necessary for you, dispose of it. Anything you find which is suspicious, ask the experts to take it for the meth testing and dispose of any other object related to it securely.

Clean every surface of the house, ceilings, walls, floors, counters very carefully. If you think you need to remove any of the surfaces completely to save yourself from contamination, do it immediately without thinking twice.

Make sure after you clean the surfaces of your house, paint them totally. This will also protect anyone from any kind of contamination that is left.

Clean all the ventilation system after you are done with the room. This is very much important to do so. Because of the fact that, the air is also polluted, after the room the clean, make sure you clean the vent out as well.

Also, clean the toilets, drains and other garbage storage areas. This will also help you take care from the contamination of the meth.

Some of the meth labs might need you to use soil or groundwater cleanup. For this, you might need experts help. Also, ask the experts if you need any kind of specific chemical to use while cleaning the house.


Cleaning a rented house is not a problem, but before you go through all these and clean all the house with the help of the experts, make sure to do a meth testing first and then you can go through all the hassles and hopefully you will not have to face any kind of problem due to the meth lab that might be there in your rented property.